With the passing of the University amendment law, (Hochschulrahmengesetz (HRG)) Bachelor and Master study programmes were introduced. To ensure their quality and to make possible the internationalisation of German universities, the Culture Ministers Conference (KMK) and the University Rectors Conference (HRK) introduced a system of validation for study programmes.
For Architecture and related study programmes in Planning, the first professional qualification, Dipl. Eng. is awarded after 4 years (FH) and 5 years (University) study respectively. Politics, however, mainly for economic reasons, wished for a professional Bachelor qualification after three years only. With this background, a validation organisation for Architecture and for the Planning study programmes was founded on 20. July 2000, with the legal position of an accredited organisation, composed of representatives of the profession and Universities (ASAP).
History of new study programmes and validation:
Resolutions and recommendations of the Culture Ministers Conference (KMK) and the University Rectors Conference (HRK)

  • KMK 24. 10. 97: Strengthening of international competitiveness for the location Germany
  • HRK 10. 11. 97: Resolutions of the KMK and HRK affecting the introduction of Bachelor and Masters study programmes.
  • HRK 06. 07.98: Validation processes
  • KMK 03. 12. 98: Introduction of validation processes for Bachelor and Masters study programmes.

In August 2001 ASAP and the German Validation Agency ZEvA signed a contract about co-operation in validation processes for Master and Bachelor study programmes who have study offers in Architecture and the whole spectrum of Urban and Planning-science disciplines of Architecture and Urban and Regional Planning.
This co-operation has, for the first time, enabled in Germany the building of a network, with a broad spectrum of fields of study, of the Faculty conferences of Universities and Universities of Applied Science, professional associations, the state Chamber of Architects and the ZEvA, to introduce innovative study programmes with internationally recognised degrees for Architecture, Landscape Architecture including free-space planning, Landscape Planning and Landscape Development as well as Urban and Regional Planning.